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Hello, welcome back to the weekly recap:)

There have been a ton of trip reports this week! 

The first were of two different trips to India by Mark Hows: one from November 2022 (Jungle Cat, Striped Hyena, different langurs…), and the other from March this year (“The trail of the tiger”) with beautiful photos in both. 

Next is this report of an incredibly successful Royle Safaris trip to Chad back in March: 75 mammal species (Scimitar-horned Oryx, Fennec Fox, Red-flanked Duiker…) seen, but also 273 of bird and even a Nile Crocodile, of which there are only 4 remaining in the area:( These totals are records for Chad! 

This trip to Arizona had a funny theme, as it was in search of the “cartoon critters”: different species of squirrels, chipmunks, Black Bears, skunks, etc. Having been raised on Yogi Bear, I approve of this mammal trip (for once). 

These 3 trip reports by Coke Smith from Brazil are great: they cover the Atlantic Rainforest, Manaus and Pantanal. They are full of great details, pictures and so many cool species were seen – definitely worth a read. From the same author is a report from Ecuador, the highlights of which are the Spectacled Bear and Mountain Tapir.  

This trip report from Brunei (successfully) looking for Hose’s Langurs includes some other cool mammals seen along the way, like civets and Bornean Grey Gibbons. 

In other news, a new mammal list league table has been added – the one for life lists! This seems like quite a strange choice of name to me, because life list competitiveness seems like it would be the main motive for murder in the mammalwatching world (or Darwin Award worthy death). 

Finally, a Suncus shrew was caught in Dhofar, Oman a few days ago – if you know anything about them in this area please comment on the post as they did not have a chance to completely identify it. 

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Cover photo: Mark Hows

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