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Hello and welcome to this week’s mammalwatching recap! And more importantly, Happy Valentine’s Day – I am very sorry to all those celebrating with a mammalwatcher…  

There have been many trip reports from interesting and unusual places this week, the first of which being a cruise through Antarctica, The Falklands and South Georgia. The latest installation of Rob & Romy’s It’s A Wild Life series, they saw 12 mammal species from South American Sea Lion to Hourglass Dolphins, and 90 bird species (many cute penguin photos!).  

In the other weather extreme is this report from last summer in Namibia – there are some amazing big cat photos like Caracal, Cheetah and Lions but also great pictures of many other mammals. 

Next up is a week’s trip to North Carolina and Florida including American Black Bear, a Bobcat, Nine-banded Armadillo and a huge group of Americans – I mean American Manatees – lounging in a spring.

This report from Oahu is full of lovely pictures of birds, landscapes and of course mammals, like the Hawaiian Monk Seal and Rough-toothed Dolphins. It includes the same boat trip that we went on in December – it was very nice to meet you William! 

This one from Jamaica is mainly bats: Buffy Flower Bat, Jamaican Fruit-eating Bat and Leach’s Single-leaf Bat.   

The report for Cat Expedition’s Serval and Caracal 2023 tour is here, with a total of five different Servals photographed and over a dozen cheetah sightings including an incredible picture of a Cheetah resigned to motherhood carrying her little cub away by the scruff of its neck (definitely headed for the naughty step… not that I would know what that is 😇). They have also posted their Jaguars of the Pantanal and Bobcats of California reports! 

Next is Senegal – African Manatee, Gambian Epauletted Fruit Bat, Africa Golden Wolf and many more good species. 

This Pictus Safaris trip to Liberia saw 25 mammal species like Zebra Duiker, Water Chevrotain and Sooty Mangabey. Is this how the Liberians clean their chimneys? 

Next we have this trip report of Norwegian whale watching with an incredible photo of an Orca’s sunrise swim, as well as Humpback, Sperm and Fin Whales. 

Last but not least is this report of Pygmy Hippos in Côte d’Ivoire which includes a link to a video of one through a thermal imager. 

In other news, voting for the NUTTER awards is now open! See the list of nominees and instructions on how to vote here. It is your civic duty. Do not disappoint! I know I took great delight in casting mine… 🙂

Season 2 of The Mammalwatching Podcast has gone out with a bang: Sebastian Kennerknecht from Cat Expeditions (them again!). He tells fascinating stories about where his quest to photograph wild cats has led him and the near death experiences are definitely not lacking. 

Finally, a mystery rodent from Singapore needs IDing, and there is a request for information about mammalwatching around Cape Town

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Cover photo: Cat Expeditions 

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