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Hello, welcome back to the weekly recap!

The first trip report of the week is this one of Coke Smith’s family trip to Vietnam: the highlights are accomplishing a lifelong dream of seeing the Cat Ba Langur, Grey-shanked Doucs and many beautiful photos. It’s lovely to see a father who loves his child as much as his mammals, at least if the ratio of photos is anything to go off of – not that I would know what that looks like. 

Next is a journalist’s trip to the Dubai desert, accompanying Biosphere Expeditions on a citizen scientist research trip. It is a very informative report, and some of the sightings include the Arabian Red Fox, Cheeseman’s Gerbil (mmmm, cheese) and Arabian Wolf.

Next up is Nepal with 21 great species, from the Indian Rhino to the classic Red Panda of which there were many amazing sightings, including an incredibly up close video of a mother calling her cubs down from a tree. Very cute!

This trip report from Yunnan, China contains good information on where to see Skywalker Gibbons and other primates such as Shan State Langur and Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkey. 

This Chinese Giant Panda Christmas expedition was definitely a christmas miracle! Highlights are of course the Giant Panda, Red Panda (again!), Mainland Leopard Cat and a very confused but cosy looking Plateau Pika, reminiscent of my dad when he wakes up from a nap. Well, when I accidentally wake him up by taking one too many selfies with him and his wide open mouth 🙂

This report of an amazing 77 species trip to Madagascar is slightly more dynamic than usual, being a youtube video! (I didn’t realise mammalwatchers were of the age range capable of using youtube, but i’ve been proven wrong) It even has some inspirational background music so definitely worth a watch. 

The last trip report of the week is from Tanzania in 2005, including amazing pictures of a lioness killing and feasting on a Wildebeest, a gorgeous Cheetah also chasing and killing its meal (this time a Thomson’s Gazelle) and some absolutely adorable hyena cubs. I also just learnt that a group of hyenas is called a “cackle” which I adore!

This post is a link to Coke’s wonderful photographic summary of all 110 mammals he has seen over his years living in Thailand – bats, bears, primates, tapirs… and all great photos.

As usual, if you feel like going on along on a mammal trip without the stress of planning, there are many choose from. Royal Safaris is running a trip to Sichuan in May (to see the Red Panda that has been so teased today) and one to Gabon in July, and Original Nature is running a trip to Peru this September!

Someone going to Sabah, Borneo in June is wondering if there is any group they can join/person who would like to come with them.  And someone else wants to accomplish their lifelong dream of seeing a Snow Leopard in Mongolia, so get in touch if you’d like to join!

This article about the effects of moonlight on tropical mammals, and the risky effects of artificial light in habitats where lunar phobia is common, seems like a very interesting read. What I want to know is what happens when a mammalwatcher feels the light of the full moon on their skin – do they turn into a tick-thirsty monster? Oh wait… 

There has been a very unexpected sighting of a Jaguarundi near Cooper City, Florida – comment on this post if you know anything about this species in Florida. 

Finally, today is your last chance to vote in the NUTTER awards, so run! 

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