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Hello and welcome back to the weekly recap! 

The first trip report of the week is a condensation of 3 Starling Tours to Estonia with a total of 12 sightings of 6 Eurasian lynx individuals! 

Next is this sighting of an Eastern Fox Squirrel in Ohio as well as a great description of the eclipse. 

This trip to South Africa saw many mammals of all kinds from Southern Right Whales to Aardwolves, White Rhinos, Jameson’s Red Rock Rabbit and of course the big African classics. 

Another trip to South Africa was also successful despite not being a purely mammalwatching trip, with species from the Yellow Mongoose to the Four-striped Grass Mouse.  

This incredible trip to India saw 80 mammal species with everything from the Mainland Leopard Cat to the Indian Gerbil. 

Next up is this video from a trip to Peru in 2018: Bolivian Big-eared Mouse, Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth, Marine Otter and more. 

This trip to Ghana back in February saw Tantalus Monkeys, Forest Giant Squirrels, the beautiful Long-tailed Pangolin and much more! 

And finally, this trip report from the Baja Peninsula, Mexico was extremely successful for pelagic species with loads of Grey Whales, Humpbacks, and even a Blue Whale/Fin Whale hybrid subject of research. There are also adorable pictures of California Sea Lions! There are also many great fish, bird and reptile species – not that I’m allowed to mention those. 

In March José Gabriel and Charles Hood carried out a bat survey in Nicaragua – the number of bats seen is pretty impressive and it is only a small part of the nation-wide survey José Gabriel is carrying out.  

In Besançon, France, Chamois can be seen in the middle of the city – check out this post about them! 

Finally, someone needs help IDing a Pika seen in Ladakh so check out this post to help:)

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Cover photo: Klil Zaitlin 

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