The Weekly Recap

Hello everyone, welcome back to the weekly recap!


There have been a lot more posts than in recent weeksl. I’m not sure whether it’s just a coincidence or if there’s some sort of mammalwatching pheromone is in the air, but either way the disease seems to be spreading. 


To start off the recap, there have been a bunch of great trip reports. From Europe first, this report from Gran Paradiso National Park in Italy has some nice pictures of Alpine Chamois and Ibex up to all sorts of trouble. 


There were two reports from India. This one from the North East features a Spotted Linsang as it’s highlight, several different monkeys and more, and this one from Panna and Kaziranga national parks includes an amazing picture of a Jungle Cat carrying home its frightened-looking (who knows why) dinner, as well as Western Hoolock Gibbon, and some other big cats. 


There were also not one, not two, but three trip reports from Ecuador! The first one is a sighting of a very cute and friendly Western Mountain Coati back in January, which used to come for daily breakfast at Mashpi Amagusa. Sadly it is thought to have died in March:( The second report is from 2021 and actually features this exact same Coati, as well as a Tayra and Paddington Bear. Oops, I meant Spectacled Bear – I hope the confusion didn’t cause too many tears (I can still hear my dad weeping over Paddington 2…). And last but not least, the third report is of six different bats of Cascada San Luis cave – including the Common Vampire Bat!


Next is a quest to find Australia’s greatest treasure – the Striped Possum (alas, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow has been demoted to second place) in this trip report from Queensland. Spoiler alert: mission successful. 


And finally, a great video has been made of January’s Bioko Island (Equatorial Guinea) search for Drills.


This week there have also been several mammal ID questions: a mystery Pygmy Flying Squirrel (maybe Hose’s?) from Borneo, some bats from the Dominican Republic and some rodents from Bali and Lombok. Also a question on the best places to photograph a San Joaquin Kit Fox – continuing with the wild cats and dogs project – so you can comment on this post if you have any tips!


A cool collection of bat acoustics from Oman has been posted, in the form of a very sleek looking guide which I’m sure will come in handy to those who prefer keeping their time spent in bat caves to a minimum, especially when the huge number of bats crashing into you each second considerably affects your ability to identify them (I unfortunately speak from experience here). And I haven’t even mentioned the chic moving carpet of cockroaches, just in case someone needs more convincing. 


And finally, there’s a new member of the Lonely Hearts club! A third person is wanted for a trip to Sichuan Province, China this August, looking for Red Pandas, Palla’s Cat, and many more… and with a small chance for a Giant Panda!. And of course there are still the many other trips that you can find on the join a trip page: to name a few there’s a Royle Safaris trip to Qinghai, China this August (aiming for Snow Leopards), Kenya in August (for rare and classic African mammals), cruising Western Svalbard in June 2024, or a Nature Travel safari around Namibia in May 2024.

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