Canada Lynx Lynx canadensis


Canada Lynx, Lynx canadensis

I first visited Minnesota in February 2017 for a weekend, and was successful in my quest to see a Canada Lynx.

Grand Marais

The forest around Grand Marais is probably the best place to look for Lynxes in the USA outside of Alaska. They are still, however, far from easy to see.

Forest roads near Grand Marais

I focused my efforts on a deer carcass in the forest between Grand Marais and the Gunflint Lodge, and lucked out seeing  a Lynx, on two separate occasions, feeding at dusk one evening, and at 8 a.m. a couple of days later. The only other mammals that weekend were many Red Squirrels at the Gunflint Lodge and a probable Northern Short-tailed Shrew in the forest.

Canada Lynx, Lynx canadensis

Late February is Lynx breeding season and one of the best times to look for them. Fishers were reported also feeding on the carcass a couple of weeks after I was there.  Thanks to David Johnson and Chris Townend (Wisebirding) for their help.

Canada Lynx, Lynx canadensis

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