Now Booking – Amazon Expedition October 2019

A few months ago I posted a heads up for an Amazon expedition that Fiona Reid, Field Guides (who usually run birding tours) and I are arranging.  We now have more details (here) on itinerary and price.

I’m excited about this trip: its to an area that seems largely unexplored by mammal watchers and the team are going to try as hard as we can to see as many species as possible. Maybe we will even beat the 79 species we saw on a similar expedition – along a different river – last year.  This time we will be exploring the remote Rio Aripuana in search of a different set of mammals including the newly described Dwarf Marmoset and the enigmatic Dwarf Manatee, known only from a single creek in the Amazon Basin. The animal resembles the Amazonian Manatee genetically, yet is much much smaller and has a different diet.

Other species we hope to encounter include Manicore MarmosetCommon Woolly Monkey and Prince Bernhard’s Titi Monkey along with some cool bats and rodents, river dolphins and many of the commoner Amazonian species. And who knows what else out there…..

All this from a very comfortable boat with endless cocktails on tap.

The boat is half full already so if you are interested please let me know.



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