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Hi everyone, here is this week’s recap:)

The week started off with this trip report from Sri Lanka with Sri Lanka Wildlife Expeditions. They saw 49 mammal species including a Rusty-spotted Cat that looks like the kitten I had when I was younger (who was very good at getting its head stuck in the cat food tin). 

Next up is a trip to Namibia and South Africa from last year, a “family holiday with a mammal-y slant” (we all know what that means). Despite a corrupt police officer, which I assume is shorthand for donut thief, it was a very successful trip with species like the Namaqua Rock Rat and Ground Pangolins. 

This trip to Borneo with Royle Safaris also saw 49 species like the Sunda Leopard Cat, Great Treeshrew and a Moonrat as well as cool birds, reptiles and insects. 

This report is in the form of a video of a five week trip to Brazil in 2017, with species like the Proboscis Bat, Lowland Tapir,Maned Wolf and great footage. 

Next is this trip to India featuring Snow Leopards, Pallas Cats and the Indian mafia (Rhesus Macaques). 

This report of a Pictus Safaris trip to Zakouma NP, Chad in March includes the Red-fronted Gazelle, Pale Fox, and a Cheetah! 

Finally, this post talks about the Bristle-spined Porcupine and Northern Maned Sloth in Aruá Forest, Baha, Brazil. 

Let us know what your most wanted extinct mammals are by commenting on this post – mine would probably be the Tasmanian Wolf or else a Clanger. 

If you have any advice for where to see Armadillos in Florida, please comment it here. And the same goes for if you know what species can be seen in Odzala-Kokoua National Park, Congo (Brazzaville)

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Thanks for reading:) 


Cover photo: Lennartv – Indian Grey Mongoose displaying the rare “Did I hear my name?” behaviour

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