New Trip Report: Eastern Beni, Bolivia

Here’s a report from what sounds like a very interesting area in Bolivia. I hope this will be the first  of many visits to help support the new ecotourism industry there … it is so important that farmers can see that Jaguars have a value and are not just a threat to cattle.


Eastern Beni, 2017: Jérémie Goulevitch,  a short trip with species including Giant Otters, Southern Tamanduas and Six-banded Armadillo. There are Jaguars here too.

“I went on an exploratory trip in the Eastern Beni, Bolivia. This is a new project promoted by Nick’s Adventures and Conservation Loro Bolivia in a typical farm from the Beni. The idea is to replicate successful conservation project from the Pantanal, in order to compensate losses from the jaguar through eco-tourism.

The trip was very short, but I had great sightings and missed this time the jaguar. But Nick scored twice in two trips.

Here is the Facebook webpage of the new San Carlos Wildlife Reserve:

Here is my flickr gallery with the best shots taken during this trip:

Here is the Facebook webpage of the Conservation Loros Bolivia foundation:

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