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Hi, welcome to this week’s recap. 


To start things off with the trip reports as usual, this 44 species trip to Bolivia includes 4 species of cats as part of a special quest, and adorable Tayra. 

Next is this trip to Algeria, described as a “chain of disasters”. The author says it’s probably something to do with it being a former French colony, and as someone living in France, I can agree… Nevertheless 16 cool species were still seen, and it’s worth a read! 

Finally, there is this short but sweet trip report of Iberian Ibex in the Sierra de Gredos, Spain. 


This post is a report of some strange tiger behaviour seen in Taboda, India in March – a war between dominant males. It’s very interesting to read and includes many photos, although you run the risk of suddenly feeling the need to go and spend days watching tigers yourself.    


African mammal photos are wanted for a book being published next year by the Princeton University Press. So if you have photos of any more unusual mammals, from Aye-ayes to Gerenuks, check out this post to see how they could be featured! Sadly I don’t think my collection of pictures of my brother asleep in the back of our Kenyan safari jeep will be accepted:( Some mammals are just too odd-looking even for Princeton (Just kidding… I hope you’re not reading this Patrick). 


Finally, if you want to see Texas Rat, a helpful map has been posted that may help you find one, thanks to the results of recent trapping surveys (is that what they’re calling stalking these days?)

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