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Hello and welcome back to the weekly recap!

This week’s first trip report is of a Royle Safaris Western Sahara tour – 13 or 14 species seen (due to a mystery fox), a Libyan Striped Polecat and a classic but nonetheless incredible photo of a Saharan sunset. This same trip is being advertised for March 2024 here, so if you’re impressed by this trip report, or want a chance at uncovering the Mystery of the Fox, then you can come along next time!

The next trip report is of a cetacean cruise in the Maldives from April of last year. 14 different species of dolphins and whales were seen! I especially love the cover picture of a Blainville’s Beaked Whale, its barnacle-covered tusks making it look like a somewhat chubby and short armed whale just cruising along on its back. It reminds me of that one time my dad fell asleep on a water slide… but that’s a story for when my stomach has recovered from the laughing. 

Next we have another Royle Safaris trip – this time from Qinghai, China. It features everything from a wise-looking Tibetan Sand Fox to a Glover’s Pika posing next to a pile of its own poo. They really know how to put their best trait forward (in the eyes of a mammalwatcher, at least). Living up to its title as The Valley of the Cats, great big cats were seen too (Snow Leopard and Pallas’ Cats). 

This Pantanal trip report includes at least 36 species, the cutest being either the Long-tailed Porcupine or the Southern Naked-tailed Armadillo. Or maybe the White-lipped Peccary… or the Southern Tamandua stretching out its arms for a hug… I can’t choose. 

An updated version of a previously posted Ecuador report has been posted – many great and rare mammals were seen (as well as their feathered, egg-laying underlings) like the Pacarana and the Ecuadorian Mountain Viscacha, and there are gorgeous photos. 

Last but not least is my personal favourite trip report of the week: Hawaii. And no, it isn’t only because a good part of it was motivated by the pure joy of seeing not one, but TWO mammals that an obsessed parent hasn’t (including the Hawaiian Monk Seal), although I must say I felt much second-hand satisfaction:) Ah, I will never forget the day my brother and I announced to my dad we’d seen a weasel he hadn’t… Maybe happiness is attainable after all. 

Someone is wondering what to do with 13 hours in Seoul (sounds like a film title) – they’re interested in visiting Seosan Lakes and wondering if anyone knows a guide or fellow mammalwatcher there. And If you know any good places near Zimbabwe for a week of mammalwatching (and children under 6, though my dad has unsurprisingly already argued that this is irrelevant), please comment your ideas here.

If you want a mammal trip to join, there is a “Primates and Parrots” (very brave to include that second word on this website…) cruise through the Amazon in May 2024, and also a Lonely Heart looking for two people to join them for an Andean Mountain Cat hunt in Chile (April 2024).

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cover photo: Sierra Foley

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