The Weekly Recap

Hello and welcome back to the weekly recap! This will actually be a recap of the past two weeks, because I started university last week and have had about 3 hours total of free time (have also lost my voice, and probably liver). But I will be back on track soon! 

The first trip report of the week is this one from 3 weeks in Sri Lanka – 50 species including the Indian Pangolin of which there is a very cute photo! 

Next is this trip report from Panama, featuring what may be the only ever photo of raccoons framed against Panama City’s skyline. 

The next report was from a short trip to Swakopmund, Namibia. Some cool mammals were seen like Littledale’s Whistling Rat and Hairy-footed Gerbil.  

This report of a second Ugandan tour in search of the African Golden Cat. Sadly it was unsuccessful in this respect, but so many amazing species were seen that definitely make up for it, like Eastern Gorillas and the East African Potto. 

Finally, the last trip report is a long and sleepless weekend in Chiricahuas: a whopping 53 species in 4 days including a Puma and White-sided Jackrabbit. 

Someone will be in Nassau, Bahamas on November 1 for just 6 hours and would like to find a Buffy Flower Bat and Waterhouse’s Leaf-nosed Bat. They’re wondering if anyone knows of a guide or roost sites, so comment here if you do. 

Someone else will be in Sorong, West Papua late this month and would appreciate advice on a local guide to show them mammals in the area. Also, comment here if you know any good local guides for a private lynx trip in Duluth, Minnesota. 

A research team is trying to figure out which species of Canidae is in Algeria: the jackal or the wolf. This post details the research and how you can contribute your pictures and data to help. 

In more cute news, two baby Striped Pole Cats have somehow come into the care of someone who is wondering when they should be weaned onto solid food. 

This post about a puma, a tapir and a stalking horse sounds straight out of a Disney cartoon and details a very unusual observation of a puma stalking a tapir, maybe to distract prey. If you have ever seen any similar behaviour, please comment on the post, as they would love to publish the observations. 

Finally, feel free to share your favourite mammal spotlighting torch here. Personally I would go for the one with the shortest battery power… 

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cover photo: Samuel Marlin

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Katy Hall


  • Lars Michael Nielsen

    You should stop that university stuff immediatley. Not because of the missing voice or liver, thats fixable. But keeping us waiting two weeks for the recap is like taking the joy out of our lives. Especialy when were in places with no funny mammals and thus nao able to “get our drugs” 😀

    • Katy Hall

      Hahah I am terribly sorry, maybe I shall just have to dedicate my life to this like many lost souls before me…

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