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Hi, welcome back to the weekly recap! 

The first trip report of the week was a Snow Leopard tour of Mongolia! They saw 7 different Snow Leopards as well as Pallas Cat, Saiga Antelope and more. It is full of stunning photos from mountains to mammals, all National Geographic worthy. The first one of a Pallas cat hiding in the snow is my favourite as it looks like a rug-loving taxidermist has got ahold of it. 

The second trip report is from Chile, from Rob and Romy’s It’s a Wild Life series! It’s as well done as ever, with 11 mammal species and many birds. 

Next is Charles Foley’s report of a trip to Bolivia with Nick’s Adventure Tours. They saw many big cats (Puma, Jaguars, Ocelots, Jaguarundi…) and overall sounds like it was a great trip. 

And finally was this Pygmy Hippo trip to Côte d’Ivoire with Royle Safaris! As well as successfully sighting a Pygmy Hippo, they saw 34 other species like White-bellied Pangolin and African Golden Cat. There will be a repeat of this trip next May if anyone is interested.  

There’s been a question on the legality of camera trapping in Vietnam. I can’t say I know much about that, but I can say nothing could possibly be worse than my dad stealing a traffic cone from in front of my primary school when I was 6. The panic I felt that day is unmatched… “You’re not legal!!!!”

Finally, in great news, the Russian Saiga Antelope has risen from critically endangered to near threatened, as the result of great conservation efforts! I hope its population will continue to grow. 

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Cover photo: Heng Yirui

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