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Hi everyone, welcome to this week’s recap!

The first trip report of the week is a Snow Leopard trip to Mongolia with Cat Expeditions! A few other mammal species were also seen, like Siberian Ibex and Saiga Antelope.

To dramatically change weather, the next post is about batting in Ghana – they found 13 species including the Egyptian Tomb Bat and the Slit-faced Bat.

This trip to Vietnam was quite successful for primates, with species like Black and Red-shanked Doucs and Annamese Silver Langur but also a Leopard Cat!

This Wise Birding trip to Estonia was indeed very wise as the “birding” was more of a wild lynx chase. And a successful one, too, with the added bonuses of European Polecat, Least Weasel and 60 bird species (not that those matter).

This exciting trip report from Bintan Island, Indonesia is the first to ever report Bintan Langurs! It’s a fun read and will also definitely be useful to future mammalwatchers looking for these cute primates.

Part 2 of Pieter de Groot Boersma’s Mammals of Madagascar video series is out, featuring great species from Aye-ayes to the Nosy Be Mouse Lemur.

And the final trip report of the week is from Sumatra: another primate-focused trip, it includes Silvery Langurs, Tapanuli Orangutan, Dusky Leaf Monkey and a photo of a (consensual?) Langur threesome.

Next year there will be two amazing mammal trips to North Queensland being run by Eyes on Wildlife, with targets like Bennet’s Tree Kangaroo and the Cape York Brown Bandicoot. Anything in Australia is fun – even mammalwatching – so I definitely recommend checking them out.

An armadillo spotted in Suriname is in need of identifying – perhaps a Greater Long-nosed or a Nine-banded? Please comment if you have any ideas.

And finally, the NUTTER award winners have been announced! Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who was nominated, although I must say the fact that every one of you failed to turn into Ryan Gosling and perform “I’m just Ken” in a sparkly pink suit is very disappointing.

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Cover photo: Mark Spence – Bintan Langurs

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