I haven’t looked for mammals in Holland, but I’ve included community reports from those that have.

Community Reports

Drenthe and Overijsel, 2020: Sjef Ollers, a weekend & 13 species including Polecat and Beech & Pine Martens.

Mustelids near Amsterdam, 2020: Ingrid den Boer’s report on a photographic hide home to regular Polecats, Badgers and both Pine& Stone Martens.

Double Dutch, 2011: Mark Hows, 3 days & 16 mammals including Bi-Coloured White-toothed Shrews and Root Voles.

Going Dutch, 2011: Mark Hows, 6 days & 18 mammals including Pond Bats and Common Hamsters.

Holland, Belgium and Germany, 2010: Mark Hows, 1 week & 22 mammals including Mouflon and Beech Marten.

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