Lynx2 slr camera trap image by Zoltan Nagy


Carpathian (Eurasian) Lynx, Lynx lynx carpathicus. DSLR camera trap photo by Zoltan Nagy

I spent a week in Transylvania in March 2022 looking for Eurasian Lynx on a Sakertours trip.
During 6 unseasonally cold days we saw European Hares, Eurasian Red Squirrels, a Bank Vole, Yellow-necked Mice, Lesser Horseshoe Bats, Serotines, Western Barbastelles, Brown Long-eared Bats, Lesser and Greater Mouse-eared Bats, Red and Roe Deer, Red Fox, Brown Bears and a fleeting looking at a Eurasian Lynx.

European Brown Bear, Ursus arctos arctos

Community Reports

Romania, 2023: Sakertours, 9 days & 60 species including Northern Birch Mouse, Lesser Blind Mole-rat, Romanian Hamster, Steppe Polecat and (on the extension trip) Mehley’s Blnd Mole-rat.

Romania, 2023: Mark Hows, 5 days & 21 species including Water Shrew and Romanian Hamster.

Romania, 2022: Sakertours, 9 days & 51 species including Romanian HamsterSteppe Polecat and European Mink.

Romania, 2022: Ian Thompson, 9 days & 50 species including European Mink, Romanian Hamster and Steppe Polecat (on the Sakertours trip above).

Looking for a Transylvanian Lynx, 2022: Jon Hall, 1 week & 15 species including Western Barbastelle, Brown Bear and Eurasian Lynx.

European Mink Special, 2021: Sakertours, 5 days & 30+ species including Romanian Hamster, European Mink and Greater Noctules.

Romania, 2021: Sakertours, 1 week & 49 species including Romanian and Common HamstersLesser Mole-ratWild Cat and Bechstein’s and Northern Bats.

Piatra Craiului National Park, 2021: Ralf Burglin, 2 days including Carpathian Chamois.

Romania, 2020: Sakertours, 9 days & 46 species including Lesser Mole RatLesser and Greater Mouse-eared BatsWolfBear and two European Minks.

Romania, 2020: Janco van Gelderen, 3 days & 6 species including Eurasian Lynx.

Romania, 2018: Mark Hows, 12 days & 21 species including Lesser Mole Rat and Miller’s Water Shrew.

The Balkans, 2016 (and some flashbacks to the early 1990s): Vladimir Dinets, 6 weeks and 100+ mammals including Martino’s Snow Vole, Romanian Hamster, Western Broad-toothed Mouse, Bicoloured and Etruscan Shrews, a Mediterranean Monk Seal and European Polecat.

Bulgaria & Romania, 2016: Romain Bocquier, 3 weeks & 16 species including Edible DormousePine MartenBrown Bear and European Free-tailed Bat.

Carpathian Mountains, 2011: Steve Babbs’s brief notes of a trip including a Wild Cat but no Brown Bears.

Romania, 2009: Stefanie Lahaye, 10 days & 9 species including Chamois and Brown Bear.

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