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Hi everyone, welcome back to the weekly recap!


The first of many trip reports this week was this one from last year in Mongolia. It’s got a bunch of cool mammals including adorable photos of a Pallas Cat looking rather squashed. Maybe it just woke up from a lovely nap.  

The next trip report is another Royle Safari, this time from Borneo. So so many cool mammals were spotted, like a Marbled Cat, Otter Civet and even a Sun Bear! There’s also an extensive list of birds, reptiles and amphibians if you’re less of a pure mammal snob than some. 

Next is a great week’s trip to Cambodia with gibbons and other fluffy tree dwellers.  

This report from the Kalahari in South Africa features a 

nice range of classic to interesting mammals, including an Aardwolf (a type of hyena) which I’d never even heard of. 

Finally, this report a Texan “Gopher-thon” includes Pocket Gophers, Grasshopper Mice and for some reason a quote from Taken…  


A new episode of the Mammalwatching Podcast came out this week, with Harriet Kemigisha from Uganda’s Harrier Tours! I especially loved listening to this one as I went on one of her tours a couple of years ago. It was so much fun even for a non mammal-fanatic like me (to put it lightly) and she was so so nice, knowledgeable and great to be around. So you should definitely give it a listen! 


If you’re jealous of all those lazy mammalwatchers who own thermal scopes and get to sit back in a hammock at night scanning trees for flying squirrels, there may be a solution. There’s a review here for a new mini thermal camera that you can just attach to your phone, and join the ranks of the reclining. It’s also good news for me, because a thermal camera means less time spent being yelled at by a stressed father for holding the torch wrong on freezing night drives… And my dad seems pretty pleased to finally be living out his influencer dreams. Next he’ll be posing in his bikini in front of walruses. 


If you’ve ever been mammalwatching by horseback in North America, you can share your experience here as someone would love to go on such a trip. It sounds pretty fun to me too I must say, and would be a great way to live my Little House on the Prairie dreams. 


Also check out this post if you happen to have any insider info on tapirs at Taman Negara (Malaysia), or just anything about wildlife on the Malaysian Peninsula. 


Finally, the German Stiftung Naturschutz Berlin is looking for small mammal experts help in citizen conservation projects. Information to sign up is in this post. I assume small mammals doesn’t include the house elves from Harry Potter, or else I’d be the first to sign up. 

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Katy Hall


  • tomeslice

    Lol, Katy and Jon,
    Well done on the weekly recaps. Can I admit that I like them almost as much as actual trip reports, because of the sarcastic tone (as well as, of course, the actual catching up of things I may have missed during the week).

    Keep them coming 😄

    • Katy Hall

      Haha I’m glad you like them! Sarcasm is the only possible solution to being my father’s daughter…:)


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