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Hi everyone, welcome back to the weekly recap! The past two weeks have been quite quiet on the website, so it won’t be a very long one.

The first trip report is part 2 of the Tanzania trip from the last recap, with another video and species like Spotted Hyena and the Lushoto Mountain Squirrel. 

Despite being focused on birds, this trip to Sabah and Sarawak still saw 57 mammal species including a Bay Cat and Tufted Ground Squirrel. 

Finally, this trip report from Greece contains lots of useful information on exact locations and on finding monk seals!

There is some exciting news in the mammalwatching world: your two favourite public figures (for once I’m not being made to say this), Charles Foley and Jon Hall (my dad, unfortunately) will be giving a talk at the Global Bird Fair in the UK on July 13, aptly titled “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. And even more exciting is the launch of a new high-fashion item: the mammalwatching t-shirt, with a great design by Sierra Foley. I can’t wait to receive mine, even if I will only be able to wear it in the dead of night. 

This post is wondering whether a Titi Monkey from Brazil is masked or black-fronted, so feel free to help if you know. 

This new member of the Lonely Hearts Club is looking for someone to join them on an Okapi trip in the Congo in June (in about a week…), and also just some general tips on how to safely (and legally) find them. 

Finally, this post is the first of a new suggested “What if?” series about mammals – what if the genus Capra spread to more of the African Continent? Comment if you have any thoughts of what might have happened:) 

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Thanks for reading:) 


Cover photo: Sunda Clouded Leopard by Liew Weng Keong

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