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Hi everyone:) This week’s recap is going to be short and (hopefully) sweet, as there has only been one post on the website. Are my wildest dreams coming true? Is mammalwatching a dying sport? Will I finally be able to go on a holiday with my dad that doesn’t involve at least two bat caves? Just kidding, I have to say it’s been growing on me recently… ( I’ll never admit to that again). 


The one and only post is asking for some mammal advice for a trip to Glacier from South Carolina, through Grand Teton, Yellowstone, etc. So please feel free to comment if you have any tips for what to see, and what you think the best route could be (for example, going through either Nevada or Utah). 


On another note, my dad has risen from the no-cell-service dead in Chad (the cover of this post is one of his pictures) and tells me he’s seen 65 mammal species! He’s travelling back today, which means his trip report will be coming soon – and so will him bragging to me daily about his Wordle score (even though I always win, of course)… It’s safe to say I’ve missed him. 


Speaking of trips, don’t forget to check out the join a trip page for inspiration for your next fun (well…) adventure. Choices for this year include some exciting trips being run to Panama (May-June) and Gabon (July) with Royle Safaris, Sumatra (June) and the Peruvian Amazon (October) with Original Nature and Romania (September) with Sakertours. Plus Namibian mammal safari in May of next year with Nature Travel, which I suspect is to search for the Dora the Explorer doll my dad threw out the car window there to stop me from fighting with my brother. She was limited edition. I will never forgive him. Even after 15 years. 


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I hope you had a good weekend! 


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