Wadi Muaydin

I first visited Oman in February 2018 on a 24 hour trip in search of a Blanford’s Fox, which I saw in Wadi Muaydin, near Birkhat Al Mawz. I also saw a Red Fox there and a Small Mouse-tailed Bat.

A beautiful country and somewhere to return to.

Small Mouse-tailed Bat, Rhinopoma muscatellum

Community Reports

Oman, 2023: Nick Peeters, 16 days & 25 species including Caracal, Blandford’s Fox, Striped Hyena and more.

Oman, 2022: Juan Luis Ortega Herranz, 8 days & 12 species including Striped Hyena, Honey Badger and Eden’s Whale.

Oman, 2021: Anita Ericson, 2 weeks & 19 species including Blandford’s Fox, Indian Porcupine, 10 Wolves and a Caracal.

Oman, 2021: Charles Hood & Mike Richardson, 5 night & 15 species including Blandford’s Fox and Eastern Spiny Mouse. With some additional bat records detailed here.

Oman, 2020: Jan Ebr, 2 weeks & 7 species including Striped Hyena, Arabian Gazelle and Arabian Jird.

Oman, 2020: Dominique Brugiere, 1 month & some nice species including Caracal, Striped Hyena, Honey Badger, Arabian Tahr andBlanford’s Fox.

Oman, 2018: Jon Hall, 1 day and 3 species including a Blanford’s Fox and Small Mouse-tailed Bat.

Oman and the UAE, 2018: Dominique Brugiere, 3 weeks & around 15 species including Arabian Tahr, Arabian Gazelle and -after much effort – a Blanford’s Fox.

Oman, 2017: Jon Lehmberg, 2 weeks & 14 species including Striped Hyena, Honey Badger and False Killer Whales.

Oman, 2016: Dominique Brugiere, 2 weeks and 7 species including Striped Hyena and Arabian Gazelle.  But no Tahr.

Oman and Dubai, 2016: Remco Hofland, 11 days (mainly birding) & 9 species in Oman including False Killer Whale and Africa Wild Cat, and 2 species in Dubai (Cape Hare and Sand Gazelle).

Oman, 2011: Uffe Gjøl Sørensen, 2 weeks & 9 species including Arabian Gazelles and Arabian Ibex.

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Please email me if you have tips for mammal watching in this area.

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