The Weekly Recap

Hi everyone, here is this past week’s Mammal recap!


There have mainly been trip reports this week, of both quality and quantity. First of all was this report of a Pelagic trip off Virginia Beach, with some sleek whales and dolphins (including spotted Spotted Dolphins… ha ha ha). 

Up next is a trip report from Carnarvon Gorge (Qld, Australia) back April 202, featuring several classic cute Australian mammals (and the iconic Platypus). 

There is also one from Saudi Arabia, making it only the second trip report from here on the website, but the winner by one species;) Among other things, it includes many rodents, a very cute hedgehog, and a good description of what travel is like in the country.

Next is a very detailed trip to Thailand, serving as a great guide and full of tons of cool animals of all kinds (not just mammals) including a Sun Bear, two Leopard Cats and a cheeky Northern Pig-Tailed Macaque caught polishing off some stolen snack almost as quickly as me trying to beat my dad to the last cheesy biscuit (spoiler alert: I never do). 

Also an account of some urban mammals seen in Western UP, India accompanied by some interesting descriptions, and a great but funny picture of a Small Indian Mongoose looking very far from gruntled. 

And last but not least, another detailed trip report from Sri Lanka – full of mammals, owls and a cool picture of mating butterflies! 


On another note, there are a couple of places on an amazing trip to Kenya from end of July to mid August this summer. Details are here so check it out if you’re interested in seeing not only the classic safari mammals, but also a bunch of African rarities! And yes, you would be making yet another Lonely Heart happy:)


Speaking of trips, don’t forget to check out the join a trip page for inspiration for your next fun (well…) adventure. Choices for this year include some exciting trips being run to Panama (May-June) and Gabon (July) with Royle Safaris, Sumatra (June) and the Peruvian Amazon (October) with Original Nature and Romania (September) with Sakertours. Plus a Namibian mammal safari in May of next year with Nature Travel, offering good chances to see some rare mammals. 


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If it was still April 1st, I would joke about having seen an Okapi yesterday. However, since I’m a little late, I won’t. So by the way, I saw an Okapi yesterday 

Enjoy the rest of your day!



P.S: I didn’t really, before I get a pair of binoculars thrown at my head 

P.P.S: Or did I…

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