I haven’t been to Bolivia yet but I am looking forward to a trip there in October 2024. The chance alone of seeing a Pink Fairy Armadillo is enough to make me want to jump on the next plane!

Community Reports

Jaguarland and Kaa Iya, 2023: Charles Foley, 10 days & 30 species including Jaguar, Ocelot, Puma, Jaguarundi and Paraguayan Punare.

Bolivia, 2022 and 2023: Rob & Romy Jansen, 2.5 months & 46 species including Madidi, Olallas, Toppin’s & Rio Beni Titi Monkeys, Geoldi’s Monkey, Amazon Brown Brocket and Jaguarundi.

Bolivia, 2023: Stuart Chapman, 2 weeks & 44 species including Jaguar, Jaguarundi, Puma, Bolivian Gray Titi and Chaco Peccary.

Bolivia, October 2022 (Tour 2): Royle Safaris, 10 days & 37 species including Chaco Peccary, Puma,  and Greater Grison.

Bolivia, October 2022 (Tour 1): Royle Safaris, 16 days & 40 species including Chaco Peccary, Puma, Paraguayan Punare and Bolivian Pink River Dolphin.

Bolivia, August 2022: Royle Safaris, 16 days & 40+ species including Chaco Peccary, Greater Grison, Geoffroy’s Cat and Bolivian Pink River Dolphin.

Bolivia, 2022: Cheryl Antonucci, 18 days & 36 species including Ocelot, Bolivian Pink Dolphin and16 primates with some great ones like Goeldi’s Monkey and Red-bellied Tamarin.

The Andes and Jaguarland (plus Brazil), 2022: Guido Rommens & Micheline De Vleminck’s report of a trip to Bolivia and Brazil with Bolivian highlights including Giant Anteaters , an Ocelot and Jaguars.

Barba Azul Reserve & Trinidad, Beni, 2018: Marcelo Gavensky, 5 days & 15 species including Giant AnteaterManed Wolf and Bolivian River Dolphin.

Bolivia, 2021: Lennart Verheuvel, 15 days & 22 species including Giant AnteaterJaguar and Jaguarundi.

Bolivia, 2021: Ian Thompson, 3 weeks & 48 species including Red-bellied Tamarin, 4 species of Titi Monkey, Brown Agouti, Jaguar and Jaguarundi, Bolivian Boto and Amazon Brown Brocket Deer!

Jaguar Land and Kaa Iya, 2021: Greg Easton, 8 days & 27 species including Jaguar, Margay and Chaco Peccary.

Kaa-Iya National Park, 2021: Justin Brown, 12 days & 15 species including OcelotJaguar and Chaco Peccary.

Pink Fairy Armadillo, Santa Cruz Department, 2020: Nicholas McPhee’s and Ivan Guiterrez’s report of a Fairy Armadillo sighting after rain in November 2020.

Jaguar Land Reserve, 2020: Nick’s Adventure Tours, 3 days & 17 species including 4 Jaguars, 6 Ocelots, a prolonged Jaguarundi encounter and a Lesser Grison.

La Moneda Reserve, 2019: Nick’s Adventure Tours, 3 nights & 15 species including 5 Jaguars, 4 Ocelots, 2 Jaguarundis and a Puma

La Moneda Reserve, Santa Cruz, 2019: Nick’s Adventures Bolivia, 3 days & 15 species including 3 Ocelots, 6 JaguarsGiant Anteaters and more.

Kaa lya and Amboro, 2019: Janco van Gelderen, 1 week & about 30 species including Jaguar, Margay, Jaguarundi and Ocelot.

Chile, Bolivia and Peru, 2019: Lennart Verheuvel, 3 months & 15 species in Chile including Kodkod, Darwin’s Fox and Lesser Grison; 20 species in Bolivia including Giant Anteater and Bolivian Grey Titi; and 18 species in Peru including Giant Otter.

Bolivia and Paraguay, 2018: Domique Brugiere, 1 month with species including Jaguarundi, Jaguar, Puma, Ocelotand Tayra.

Eastern Beni, 2017: Jérémie Goulevitch,  a short trip with species including Giant Otters, Southern Tamanduas and Six-banded Armadillo. There are Jaguars here too.

Bolivia, 2017: Michel Gervais, 4 weeks & 15 species including a Giant Armadillo and White-eared Titi Monkeys.

Beni, 2017: Nick’s Adventures Bolivia, 5 days & 15 species including a Maned Wolf and Giant Anteaters.

Bolivia, 2017: Félix Serrano López, 2 weeks &  26 species including Three-banded ArmadilloWhite-eared TitiTapirOcelot and Tayra.

Bolivian Chaco, 2017: Jean Dille, 5 days & 10 species including Puma, Jaguarundi, Ocelot and Jaguars.

Kaa Iya National Park, 2016Nicolas McPhee, 4 days & 13 species including Chaco Peccary, Puma, Jaguar, Ocelot and Geoffrey’s Cat.

Kaa Iya National Park, 2015: Laurent Morin, 4 days & 4 species including Jaguar and Puma.

Madidi National Park, 2015: Nicolas McPhee, 8 days & 21 species including Jaguar, Ocelot, Tayra, Giant Otter and Madidi Titi Monkey.

San Miguelito Jaguar Reserve, 2015: Nicolas McPhee, 7 days & 33 species including Geoffroy’s Cats, Tayra, and Three-banded Armadillo. Plus camera trap images of Margay, Jaguar and Puma.

Kaa Iya National Park, 2015: Nicolas McPhee, 4 days & 15 species including Jaguar, Puma, Jaguarundi and Conover’s Tuco-tuco.

Argentina, Bolivia & Chile, 2011: Janco Van Gelderen, 6 weeks & 19 species including Geoffroy’s Cat, Mountain Vizcacha, Mara and other goodies including Pumas. Great report.

Bolivia, Chile, Peru & Ecuador, 2011: Matthew and Maureen Hart, 2 months & 32 species including Southern River Otter, Northern Viscacha and Anderson’s Four-eyed Opposum.

Bolivia, 2002: Steve Anyon-Smith, 6 weeks & 23 mammals.

South America, 1996 (Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador): Steve Anyon-Smith, 6 weeks & a few mammals.

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