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Hello! This is Katy (unfortunately still Jon’s daughter), back again with this week’s recap. 


There have been many reports posted this week from all corners of the world. Pennsylvania, including an otter, a skunk, mink and my personal favourite (having fond memories of being dragged for hours as an 8 year old through meters of snow in Quebec to search for), a fisher. Two reports from India: Kabini park, a tiger heaven, and the abundant Western Ghats (featuring the first ever showdown between Otter Outlaw and Tiger EastWoods). One from Ecuador with great pictures of the adorable Mountain Tapir and Spectacled Bear. And finally, Europe: Southern France and Spain, with an amazing picture of a lynx cooking up a storm, and a slightly more bird-centered one from Georgia and Armenia, but still featuring some cool mammals!


In other news, a Pacific Right Whale, described as a “mega rarity” (a great term my dad mainly uses for Pokemon), was spotted in Monterey Bay on the 5th of March, in case anyone is dying to see one. 


Some more questions have been posted this week. There are some ID requests up from Brazil so feel free to have a look. In the Lonely Hearts club, two mammalwatchers are searching for a friend to accompany them on trips to Bolivia and Peru in June, the American Society of Mammalogists meeting in Anchorage in July, and a private guide is wanted for Singapore soon.  


Speaking of trips, don’t forget to check out the join a trip page for inspiration for your next fun (well…) adventure. Choices for this year include some exciting trips being run to Panama (May-June) and Gabon (July) with Royle Safaris, Sumatra (June) and the Peruvian Amazon (October) with Original Nature and Romania (September) with Sakertours. Plus Namibian mammal safari in May of next year with Nature Travel, which I suspect is to search for the Dora the Explorer doll my dad threw out the car window there to stop me from fighting with my brother. She was limited edition. I will never forgive him. Even after 15 years. 


And finally, some fresh handy tools for the avid mammalwatcher have come out. A great new field guide to the squirrels of Western Africa by Daan Drukker is up, including high-quality sound recordings (warning: do not play in front of your dog). And for the technologically advanced, there is a new app guaranteed to turn you into an animal connoisseur using only poo. But more seriously, Stuarts’ Tracks and Scats looks like it will be a life-list saver for all Southern African mammal trips to come!


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Have a nice day!



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Katy Hall


  • Lars Michael Nielsen

    HA HA i love this Recap. My daughters will totally understand your anger regarding the Dora doll… If you put a MP3 player with squirrel sounds inside the next doll you bring on a trip, you might be able to both be anoying to your father and when he throws the doll away you can use your dog to find it…

    • Katy Hall

      Brilliant plan!! Although I’m worried this would backfire and he’d end up using the doll to attract mammals… Worth a try though

  • Lars Michael Nielsen

    And we all need mor poo in our lives…


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