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Hi, welcome to the weekly recap! This week it’s actually a recap of the last two weeks as I was in Louisiana and never got round to doing it. I did get round to capsizing a canoe on top of a dead catfish (it was my dad’s fault) and almost being eaten by alligators, but that’s a story for another time. 

The first trip report of the week was a Royle Safaris tour of Madagascar from November of last year. It was a very successful trip, with 39 mammal species (26 of which were lemur species!) including the elusive Aye-aye. It’s followed by this report of Martin Royle’s solo continuation of the trip, with even more lemurs. 

Next is this report from a Cat Expeditions trip to see Iberian Lynxes in Spain. Four individuals were seen and there are some beautiful photos. 

This trip to Colombia features no less than 1008 bird species! And 62 mammals, but who cares about those. It’s amazingly detailed, so a perfect resource for anyone planning on visiting the country. 

Next is this report from Zimbabwe, published by someone who is barely starting eighth grade but is already an extremely knowledgeable mammalwatcher, great photographer, trip report writer and even birdwatcher (but Jon Hall is not supposed to find out about that last bit…). 

The final trip report of the week is a babymoon Panama. I’d like to start off by saying I wish my dad had known about these before I was born, instead of making up for it by years of torture after.  Anyway, the report is great, with species like the Panamanian Night Monkey and the Armored Rat. 

If you want to join a mammalwatching trip, there’s a Royle Safaris primate tour of Vietnam happening next April, or a lonely heart looking for two more people to join a Giant Panda new year’s party. Or a mammalwatcher’s idea of a party anyway, which I suspect will involve eating fermented bamboo while ticking Giant Panda off their life lists in a euphoric frenzy. 

A new episode of the Mammalwatching Podcast came out this week! Carlos reunites with Charles and Jon to reminisce on all the ups and downs (literally) of their trip to West Papua, and complain about the food a little more. 

Someone going on a mammal trip in October would like some advice here on where to go. And finally, 70 Guadalupe Fur Seals were seen on a single boat trip from Monterey! Normally only a few or none are seen, so seems to be a pretty amazing time to look for them. 

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