The Weekly Recap

Hello all, welcome back to yet another weekly recap (yes, already… time flies when you’re having this much fun…).


This week has been a little quieter than usual in the mammalwatching world, but nevertheless there have been a few great and diverse trip reports. Some cool camera trap shots of a jaguar in this report from el Porvenir Natural Reserve, Colombia, and killer pictures of Killer Whales, sunbathing Elephant Seals and a posing otter in Monterey Bay, as well as a fun Bobcat quest featuring bribed teenagers – something I know more about than I’d have liked. 

Also a report from Ghana, full of stunning pictures of mystical scenery and various monkeys. I have officially fallen in love with the baby Lowe’s Monkey and will be unable to function for several weeks due to Cuteness Overload. If they all mysteriously disappear from the sanctuary, you’ll know what happened. 

And finally,  Western Australia, with everything you need ranging from a Pygmy Blue Whale to an adorable Quokka – named the world’s cutest mammal on social media (although they’ve clearly never seen my baby pictures… just kidding, my dad would be the first to tell you I looked like a lump) (correction, he’d say I AM a lump). 


A new episode of the Mammalwatching Podcast has come out! Dr Roland Kays, author of Mammals of North America, tells us all about his fascinating Kinkajou research among other things. Even I, an avid non-mammalwatcher, love this podcast – but maybe that’s because it doesn’t make me carry its camera, or yell at me if I breathe too loudly in the presence of a Spotted Ground Squirrel. 


If you know anything about mammalwatching in the Pantanal and El Palmar, Argentina, there’s a question here about when the best time to go would be to see the most cats, dogs and other charismatic mammals. So feel free to comment if you have any tips. And finally, please tell us here if you know any good panther trackers in Florida, or have some advice!


Finally, don’t forget to check out the join a trip page for inspiration for your next fun (well…) adventure. Choices for this year include some exciting trips being run to Panama (May-June) and Gabon (July) with Royle Safaris, Sumatra (June) and the Peruvian Amazon (October) with Original Nature and Romania (September) with Sakertours. Plus a Namibian mammal safari in May of next year with Nature Travel, offering good chances to see some rare mammals. 


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