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Hello, welcome back to the weekly recap!

The first trip report of the week was from Peru. Covering two separate trips (2022 and 2023) and a total of 57 mammal species (like Emperor Tamarin, Ryland’s Bald-faced Saki, Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey), it is a wonderfully full trip report.

The report from a record breaking Sakerours trip to Romania (60 species in 8 nights!) is here. It also includes information on how you can join a similar trip next year (which will include a five day Nordmann’s Birch Mouse & Gray Dwarf Hamster extension). 

This trip to Madagascar saw 76 species (all lifers!) and loads of great photos as well as very useful information for anyone planning to travel there, down to which data carrier works best. 

This short report from Nebraska and South Dakota includes some pretty cool classics like the American Badger, chipmunks, ground squirrels, several types of mice, and more (basically just the entire cast of Over the Hedge).

This 3 week trip to California contains an amazing photo of a Heron just about to swallow a Botta’s Pocket Gopher. There are many other pictures of mammals in slightly more fortunate situations, like a posing California Sea Lion or a Merriam Chipmunk whose mouth is overflowing with food. 

Finally is this Vietnam Royle Safaris Tour with 48 recorded species from bats to gibbons and everything in between. 

If you want to join a mammal trip, Royle Safaris are running one to Western Sahara next March in search of exotic species like Sand Cats, Libyan Striped Polecat, Fennec Foxes and more.

Similarly, Pictus Safaris are running two trips to Zakouma National Park, Chad in February and March. This year’s trips looked amazing so don’t hesitate to check it out.

A couple of mammal IDs need some help: a Bhutan rat here and some type of chipmunk from Colorado here.  There is also a picture of a poor little dead baby rodent found in Turkey. 

In terms of advice, someone based in Spain is wondering where they should travel for 10 days in January to look for mammals, so share any ideas here

Advice on where to find Black-footed Ferrets would also be much appreciated.

Our youngest mammalwatcher is wondering where to see mammals in Durban, South Africa (sneaking off from a school trip, I approve) or if any guides would be available for a tour. He is also wondering what squirrels and small mammals are in Udzungwa Mountains NP, Tanzania, or in Dodoma, for a December trip. 

And finally, someone has a few questions about mammalwatching in the Western Cape region of South Africa, so share any information you might have!

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