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Hi everyone, welcome back to the weekly recap! 

The first trip report of the week was this short one from Borneo: 44 mammal species were seen, like Pen-tailed Treeshrew, Bornean Pygmy Elephants and Sunda Leopard Cat.  

The next is an epic trip to South Africa, with over 100 mammal species including Meller’s Mongoose, Cape Spiny Mouse and 3 molerat species! 

Next up is a short trip to Minnesota with Ermine, American Marten and more. 

The next trip report is from Buenos Aires: Screaming Hairy Armadillo, South American Fur Seal, Talas Tuco-tuco and much more. 

A trip to the Dominican Republic features some great mammals, the highlight of which are the Hispaniolan Solenodon and Nicholas Corona, a human Solenodon Whisperer. 

This next one is a combination of two trips, to Colorado and Florida. It includes West Indian Manatee, Black-tailed Prairie Dog, Virginia Possum and other good species. 

This trip to West Java saw 25 mammals – the highlights were all 4 West Javan primates (including Javan Slow Loris!) and a great photo of the elusive (and fluffy)  Gray-cheeked Flying Squirrel. 

Finally, here are two reports from the Maldives Northern and Central atolls from the Whale and Dolphin Company. 

These maps and charts of Andújar give lots of good information on where to look for Iberian Lynx, and other mammals spotted in the area. 

Last Saturday I was rudely reminded of the Mammalwatching Community Meeting by this charming text from my father: “I wanted a category of most annoying child for the NUTTER Awards. Overruled”. But I didn’t even need to come up with a good comeback (not that the material would be lacking), as I then found out “Most annoying father” had been included 🙂 Anyway, you can find a recap of that meeting here. This great photo captioned “Mammalwatchers stealthily looking at the haughty birdwatcher to steal the rules for the Big Day” is apparently an illustration of what happened during said meeting… 

This bat found in La Lancha Tunnel, Andujar, Spain needs an ID, so comment if you have any ideas!

For the French speakers (so definitely not my Dad), this job as research manager has opened with Wildlife Conservation Society Congo in the Lac Tele Community Reserve, an area of mainly swamp and woodland. The research recently has included bird and mammal surveying, forest monitoring, local anthropology and more – it sounds like fun! 

Coke Smith is looking for a travel buddy to go to Mongolia this summer. There is already a great itinerary (although still flexible) so check it out if you’re interested. 

And if that doesn’t tempt you, G3-guides are running trips to Spain’s Cantabrian Mountains this summer too, which sound like a lot of fun, so check them out! 

There will also be an incredible trip to Sumatra in September to track Sumatran Tigers and Orangutans with Original Nature! 

Katmai National Park in Alaska is another good idea for a summer trip, especially if you want to see Brown Bears, North American Porcupine, Short-tailed weasel… It was also just named #4 on Nat Geo’s top places to visit this year.

Finally, some spaces have just opened on a cetacean-watching cruise around the Maldives in late April with the possibility of seeing 4 species of tropical Beaked Whale. 

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